Our Mission

Our mission at Resource is to make recruiting human.

Our Vision

We're building a fundamentally new way for companies and candidates to communicate.

Our Values

Be a resource: Offer help. Connect others. Overdeliver.

Be resourceful: Be scrappy. Take initiative. Find a way.

Optimize for growth: Be a student. Stay humble. Don’t settle.

Think long term: Be patient. Invest in relationships. Learn everyday.

Enjoy the journey: Be yourself. Love your work. Don’t take life too seriously.

Diversity & Inclusion at Resource

At Resource, we don’t believe we can impact the world if we don’t have voices in the room that adequately represent that world. We believe in creating an environment without barriers to doing great work and where ideas are both shared with candor and received with curiosity. We're working daily to build a deliberate culture that inspires and welcomes people of all backgrounds, and where that diversity creates a competitive advantage for us and our customers. We're constantly learning and looking to surround ourselves with others doing the same.