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Instant Sourcing Firepower

Flexible, scalable candidate sourcing that brings the best candidates to you.

Human sourcing at the speed of automation

Targeted search and outreach from your identity

Human Intelligence + Data

Resource uses proprietary software combined with expert human sourcing to find and engage the highest potential candidates, sending interested responses directly to your inbox. We bring together the best practices in data science, advanced Boolean logic, human sourcing, lead generation and automation to identify and attract top performers on your behalf, saving you hours of time.

Who Is Resource For?

  • Heads of Talent who want to make their teams 10x more productive without agencies or hiring in-house.
  • Recruiting teams who need sourcing support so they can focus more time on interviewing and closing.
  • Founders and Execs who don’t have hours to scour the web and personally reach out to top candidates.

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How It Works

Resource's systematized approach saves you hours of time, speeds up recruiting and generates a robust pipeline of quality candidates, rapidly.


Submit our Ideal Candidate Profile to define your perfect hire. We’ll source 10-15 sample candidates within 48 hours and perfectly dial in our targeting before initiating your first campaign.


We'll draft data-driven, customized messaging in your voice which we'll A/B test and optimize throughout the lifecycle of your campaigns. Prepare for off-the-charts response rates.


Within a week, Resource will begin sourcing and outreach, sending a constant flow of interested, highly-targeted candidates to your inbox for you to follow up, interview and close.

Simple, Flexible Pricing. Cancel Anytime.

Here when you're hiring, gone when you're not.

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